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Imagine a day...

Imagine a day when groups of engaged students work together to solve problems and explore new areas of learning in a collaborative environment under the trees!

In 2019, Friends of Landon will pivot its focus to the Central Courtyard, a huge space which offers secure respite for socratic seminars and creative learning.   


Our goal is to raise $15,000 this year which will fund preliminary improvements and also support a multi-year plan for a fully functional outdoor learning space.


We are looking to partner with Landon families, alumni and community businesses. We accept cash, checks (made payable to Friends of Landon) and online donations. Phase 2 donations are due by March 12th.

Friends of Landon is a 501c(3) non-profit organization led by Landon parents, faculty and alumni whose mission is to increase available funding to provide faculty and staff the additional resources required to equip the students of JLCP for a lifetime of academic and leadership success.

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